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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Published by cck at 9:26 PM

Election Day is a couple of weeks away. And surprise surprise, Republicans are going positively nasty. Big Shock. Going Negative - it's the New White Meat.

Was it a few days ago the big debacle of the Republican Party of Tennessee when they ran an ad against Harold Ford, Jr? Dude, that was nasty. I mean - yes, slightly amusing. But, like, amusing in the same way a co-worker tells a bad joke and you know you're not supposed to laugh, but you do anyway -- it was that kind of funny. And the thing is, I hold my elected officials to a higher level - I expect them to be honest and fair AND have a sense of humor. It can be done, I'm positive it can be done -- look at the South Carolina Bubba ads.

However, my dearest friend in 'Bama alerted me to this gem in Wisconsin. Sinister, I tell ya, sinister. Damn.

C'mon Repubs, can't you do better?