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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me? Thoughts?

Published by cck at 2:01 PM

In response to Laurin's comment on the post about Emile below... Yeah, I have a few thoughts:

During my years as a South Carolina wannabe politico, I never deemed to degrade a Democratic candidate or the party in any way. I worked hard and long to propel the cause. I wanted us to win. And, more importantly, I wanted us to govern.

But, now - I'm not in South Carolina anymore. I can scream (although not many folks will care) that I don't like how our party is moving. Again, the LEFT DOESN'T WORK IN SOUTH CAROLINA. And, dare I say it? Dean didn't win the nomination for a reason -- and it wasn't the scream!!!

Okay, so - my opinion on Moore. I like the guy, yeah - I liked Frank Willis better, but I do like Moore. I think he even had a shot at winning the election. But, with both Democratic candidates, I wondered, did they really want it?
There's something slightly different about politicians. Some sort of super ego -- one that normal folks usually manage to dismantle sometime around their senior year of high school. I've seen it in friends, heck, I've seen it in myself. But - there's a certain bright sparkle that a candidate has. And, frankly, I'm not sure Moore has enough of it.

Yeah, he's personable and he has a long industrious history in the Senate. But, is that enough? Is that really enough? He has no plan people! He's a candidate and all he's got is anti-that. And that, that is not enough.

Pick an issue and find us a way to fix it. You did it in the Senate, Tommy, do it now. If you can't figure out a way to do it, start hiring people that can. And, my personal advice, don't listen to who the SCDP tells you to hire -- they haven't been doing too good of a job winning as late.