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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"They Can't Control Me"

Published by cck at 1:55 PM

So says Katherine Harris of 2000 infamy. Somehow, the Republican Party of Florida believes her to be a liability. Gee, wonder why.

Could it be nearly every time she opens her mouth she lets loose with another whopper? Despite the RPFL's best efforts to deprive her of winning her party's nomination for US Senate, Ms. Harris convinced the Florida electorate that she had the strongest chance of defeating Senator Nelson.

I'm not that stupid; I'm pretty sure most Floridians aren't either. Was it just that they knew no one would defeat Senator Nelson? Or was it that they just didn't care? The former Secretary of State just isn't the same chick she used to be when she helped to steal the election from VP Gore.

Nah, she just crazy.

My point is, the Party is giving her the cold shoulder. And thank goodness! She's not a good candidate, she's not raising money, and she's sort of lost touch with reality. So, when the Party realized they couldn't get rid of her, they chose to ignore instead.

Why aren't we doing that? Why aren't we giving the ice chill glare to the ridiculous stable of candidates that are looking for their moment in the South Carolina Spotlight? Why isn't the Democratic Party looking for good candidates OR moving away from their Deaniac ways? The current SCDP's affinity for Dean and his screamin' behavior will be the death knell for future candidates.


Anonymous said...

Um ok, just a minute girl. I'm a first time reader of your blog, my partner forwarded the link to me at work. I don't agree with the yes vote on the SC amendment, but what's this about blowjobs? Do think we homosexuals just go around and give blowjobs out like candy? That's very condescending and discriminating. That's not the basis of our relationships and I don't feel that in anyway it's fair for you to say that, not to mention it's demeaning. That is something to be shared among two lovers in a display of affection, it isn’t just something we just go out and do with anyone. This may be your experience with intimate sexual acts, but you should not stereotype the homosexual community. You sound like the rest of the ignorant people of this state!

CCS said...

For the record, I'm copying and pasting your comment under the appropriate blog entry -- so more people will read it and see my response.