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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am a pretentious dork.

Published by cck at 3:51 PM

Who cannot spell. Or use punctuation correctly... Or even often basic grammar rules.

Perhaps it is because I only made a 4 on my English AP exam my senior year of high school. Okay -- so, while "flipping" through The State, I see that South Carolina officials are considering removing the extra umph that goes with an AP class... It's all for equality, they say. It's all for availability of scholarships, they say.

I'm trying real hard not to sound like a Republican. I'm all for equality and opportunity and availability of scholarships. The answer, however, is not to remove special stature in order to level the playing field. The answer is to level the playing field by actually leveling the playing field... Increase AP availablity in all schools across South Carolina.

Dude, seriously - that's an easy call, right? You don't take away to make things easy... You increase opportunity. You increase the availabilty of AP classes so that all students - who are qualified - have a crack at doing a DBQ.

Um, c'mon - South Carolina - get with it.