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Monday, October 23, 2006

A Week O' Debates

Published by cck at 1:57 PM

Tonight: our household television will be turned to watch how the mighty have fallen. And, by that, I mean Ms. Harris. I cannot wait to see how Senator Nelson debates circles around the crazy Republican nominee.

As well, I will be watching Studio 60. I really like the show - it's clever. Ish. Anyway, Kramps wins that bet. I heard through Facebook (yes, I'm old and I still am addicted) that it's off the air next week. I'm crushed. At least I have Hereos to see me through.

Tomorrow, we see our two goobernatorial wannabes battle it out. Should be interesting. They were both the guys with flair, not substance in their respective primary debates. I wonder if a concrete idea or plan will be put forth.

Plus, we've got a real governor's debate in the Palmetto State.

Sigh - it'll be a good week.