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Thursday, October 12, 2006

We hold these truths...

Published by cck at 10:49 AM

I'm sad. I'm really really sad.
I love the Democratic Party - I love the things we stand for and the things we believe in and I love the people that make up this group. From South Carolina to Mississippi to DC to Florida -- I have met and admired the folks that believe in giving their fellow citizens a chance. I have been a Democrat since I figured out what it meant - and I will continue to believe in my Party with a fervor that will not wane.

But, I am sad.

I was talking with an old friend over email the last few days about the frustration we feel with our party. WTF. I remember talking with my greatest mentor about the same thing - the way we feel that our hands our tied.

I read this morning on WaPo that Mark Warner is expected to announce that he will not run. Part of the reason is because he fears his moderate views will not entice or envigorate the partisans that vote in early primaries.
I saw the clip of Grady Patterson at The State's Editorial Board Interview. He was barely coherent.
I watched the video of the Comptroller General's race and saw the Democratic candidate try to sing her closing and claim that her office would be used to find people with unknown talents (is she recruiting for a circus?).
My goobernatorial candidate had to choose a Lt. Guv guy to shore up his base. Is it just me... Or is the choice to shore up your base something you should do yourself. And, gee, I dunno - let the other part of your ticket add to your base?

WHERE are we people? What are we doing??? I bicker with CGK every night over the news - he claims we're stupid people and I'm starting to agree.

We're letting our best chance at capturing the presidency in '08 leave the stage because we're afraid he's moderate? The man has good ideas and was able to actually make change in his state -- a state that is rather diverse.

I know South Carolina has an age thing - look how many times we elected Strom. However, the fact that our Treasurer candidate is clearly making up allegations is a pretty good potion that he might not be as competent as we need him to be. That's not an attack on his character or his record or his general ability and health. But, South Carolina needs to stop thinking like it's 1942 and realize that we need people with new ideas and new solutions. Same old won't work anymore.

And dear Lord -- I would rather not have a candidate for Comp General who wants to sing during her brief moment in the sun. Not that I feel all that more confident in a football coach.

Poor Jim Davis -- he's so far down in the polls - there's no way he could rebound unless Charlie Crist was found (with video) having sex with a goat. Baaaaaaa.

The frustration arises in the fact that we have a better solution for the problems that plague America -- I KNOW WE DO. And yet we are running stupid campaigns. We are running TommyILikePeopleMoore Campaigns that don't make sense in an environment where people want ideas they can grab onto.

Folks like to talk at the gas pump, in the line at Publix and after Church. People like to exchange ideas over the water cooler. Dude, seriously - Seinfeld much? But since Jerry is no longer on the air we need to supply the folks of this great land with something they can discuss. Positive beats negative every time. And if we could just come up with a message - with an idea - with a platform - with a brand that would build a bridge into the future. Yeah, it's marketing and yeah its slick messaging, but it's also good ole common sense. We need something more than anti-that.

The frustration arises in the fact that more often than not - some of us have good ideas - but we're not listened to... Because we had the audacity to call a spade a a spade. Because we had the courage to write or publish or voice the fact that the Party is NOT moving in the direction that it should. Because we love the party - and it burns up some people that we think moving forward is better than moving left or right.

The frustration arises because we (the great collective we) want a better America.


Laurin Manning said...

Can I get an amen?

I actually cried today over this very stuff. And I am the least emotional girl ever. Well, almost. Suffice it to say I cry like 3 times a year.

Seriously, good post. THere's a very real chance of a GOP sweep in SC. Looks like we're only competitive in 2 races, and one's based on name ID only. Sigh. Anyway, we're too young to give up! Keep up the good posts.

Laurin Manning said...

PS -- love the "baaaaaah" after the goat remark. lol.

CCS said...

Aaack. Thanks. I felt pretty evil for saying it, considering Mr. Crist is Greek. A fact which was not pointed out to me until after my fiance had read the post. I had originally made a homosexual remark - to reflect the monumental rumor that floats around Tallahassee about the current Attorney General. Here's my question, when is it right (or wrong) to make comments like that? Would both have them been in bad taste?