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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clocks & Candy.

Published by cck at 4:17 PM

Oh, and I discovered this over the weekend (and I thought I was the only one until my Grami and I discussed it. I suppose we're the only two people who were watching the Today Show early on Sunday morning).... I found out that next year Daylight-Turn-the-Clocks-to-Mess-with-Chrissy's-Mind will occur the first Sunday in November -- a little bit later than this year.

Last year legislators messed with timing due to the pressure from the golf lobby. Apparently, golf made $400 million by extending Daylight Savings by a week. So this year the candy lobby got in on it and decided that kids would be able to trick-or-treat longer if there was more daylight. Makes sense to me. Although, I kind of think the dental lobby was in on this decision as well.

Oh, and all that stuff I wrote below about legislators being stewards of our future -- um, yeah.