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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meet George.

Published by cck at 6:31 PM

I woke up early this Sunday. Well, early-ish. It was gorgeous out -- bright blue skies and a cool constant breeze. I had a hankering for a newspaper and a brie&bacon sandwich from Gourmet Shop. Since I wasn't really within driving distance of Saluda - I made my own. I woke up the Sleeping Prince with a mimosa and we headed to Lake Ella. A cooler, a blanket and our puppy - we were set.

We had the St. Pete Times & the Tallahassee Democrat; I also had the newest version of Martha Stewart Weddings. I have always been a Martha fan -- and I still think she was wronged. More than that, MSWeddings has some really neat stuff in it. Of course, we estimated that the wedding magazine purchase total is somewhere around $50 in the two months that we've been engaged. Seriously - I have a stack at least a foot and a half high in the hall. Ha! What a racket! We decided that I would purchase no more wedding drivel. NONE! Not even if it has my dress/tiara/veil/shoes/dj/flowers on the cover. No more for me!

Well, I suppose our puppy George heard us and took it to heart. I was upstairs when I heard the oh-so-familiar sound of paper ripping. Chris went first - to warn me if it was bad. Yeah, George was ripping into the Martha Stewart Weddings -- my last wedding publication! Sigh. I'll live. He, however, might not!

FYI: He is not named after any particular political figure per se. Chris calls him George W. I usually refer to him as George McGovern. Poor dog is going to have a complex and start refering to himself as Nader.