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Friday, October 20, 2006

On the upcoming BlackOut.

Published by cck at 12:17 PM

Now that I am a Florida State fan (and God knows I should be due to the amount of money that we owe that school)... Ahem. Now that I am a Florida State fan I look forward to Saturday and Gameday almost as much as I did when I lived in Columbia.

And, I am really pumped about the Boston College game. I think we (ahem, FSU) has a good chance of showing off what makes them powerful as the Seminoles. However, this whole Black Out idea is not that great of an idea.

Perhaps it's because I remember Chris Odom and his viral message for a Black Out at USC. Um, big mistake. We were playing Florida -- it was on GameDay. Was it Spurrier who actually said that wearing all black made the ball easier to see?

I really hope the Noles can pull it out. Oh, and y'all -- say a prayer for me. I have to go to a Noles for Crist tailgate with the fiance. DEAR LORD!