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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Smartest Girl in South Carolina.

Published by cck at 7:53 AM

I'm a huge fan of the LaurinLine. I think I visit Laurin Manning's commentary at least twenty two times a day. At least! I've known Miss Manning since high school. While I wasn't a Pee Dee resident, I meet Hartsville's star at Palmetto Girls State. We both rocked PGS 1998 with our amazing abilities and leadership skills. Ahem.

Okay, so during my several visits yesterday, I read and re-read the post Moore Suggestions. It's a great piece about Senator Moore and his campaign. I was talking to a friend of mine in DC - and we were both complaining that the Moore campaign is sitting on a golden opportunity and doing jack squat. There's no pizzazz, no magic. He is wasting a golden chance to unseat a Republican.

I worked for Hodges in 1998 - I remember the atmosphere. South Carolina was ready for change and I personally believe that our great state has been aching for it since. As Democrats, we should give South Carolinians what they want. I know, I know - we all thought that Sanford might be a different kind of politician... he just wan't the sort of politician that actually wanted to make a difference. (Arguing with the Legislature is SO much more productive).

But, I digress - I had a point somewhere... While Laurin is arguably one of the smartest gals I know, her policy analysis puts Moore in a tough spot. I think some of those ideas are brilliant. I wish Tommy Moore would adopt them. I wish Tommy Moore would put his ideas on billboards up and down the I-26 corridor and all over the state. However, at this point - due to the other LaurinLine-aholics - if he actually decides to have real issues for his campaign ---> It will look like he's taking policy advice from the LaurinLine. Policy advice from Laurin Manning, however would probably be more palatable.

I know the advent of blogging has changed politics. Hello! I live in Florida now - not Palm Beach, but I get it. I know that blogging gives the ability for ordinary citizens to influence the political process. And perhaps that is exactly what is going on. I could be totally wrong in my reaction here. Somehow, a politician that I am going to hire should grab his platform from somewhere other than a blog.

And, durn if the Repubs wouldn't have a field day with that one...