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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm like so copying Laurin (Florida Goobernatorial Debate)

Published by cck at 7:48 PM

Tonight is the Goobernatorial Debate in Florida. We're camped out on the couch, two glasses of red jug wine and we just finished leftover Sunday Gravy. Me = Happy Girl.

In full disclosure, I'm voting for Jim Davis. I am a Democrat, after all. More so, I honestly believe that the Congressman from Tampa will do a better job running this state. However, Florida's issues are still new to me -- sugar, homestead exemptions and insurance rivalries stump me a lil' bit. Plus, this state allows changes to the Constitution to reflect any whim of any special interest. Ballot issues are overwhelming for the most astute voter, let alone little ole me.

Aiight, here we go:
Charlie looks good - dang, he's really tan. Oooh, both of them wore bright red ties. Interesting. JimD looks nervous.

What? Free/Fair Laborers in the street? I'm confused. (Not surprising). Good opening JimD.
Is it just me or does Charlie's suit look a little too big? (CGK's interjection: "Brooks Brothers").

FCAT -- Yeah, I think there should be a test. I really do - I've been advocating standards since I learned that Alaska allows kids to graduate from middle school with a math standard of "using math with confidence." However, I really think part of it has to do with teachers. Wait, just about all of it has to do with teachers. It's scary, I can imagine, as a parent, to realize that your child spends more time with their teachers than they do with you. Teachers need more money. Period.

Of course, $$$ is the big issue. C'mon people - the folks that are educating your kids need more money. I'm not advocating throwing money around, instead investing in our future. And, like, really - that's not rhetoric. It's true. Charlie, how are you going to do that??? True leadership?

Intangibles tax? Ahhh, the Seniors would have heart attacks. "Why you gonna tax mya pension?"

"You can't govern from an empty chair." Dang. Referring to an Empty Chair Ad (look here under Media Videos) -- Charlie just made a huge connection to his media buys. Good move.

Government's Governor vs. People's Governor -- Hmmm, well. I hate to make a comment similar to the one I made while appealing an election at USC. But, well - I'm not sure I want a Governor who doesn't work WITH government. I think I've had experience with that in SC.

Drugs. Especially in this state are important - we've got a lot of old people. And a lot of people in general. Drugs shouldn't be as expensive as they are and both candidates have a plan to combat insurance companies.

Wait, is Charlie saying Jim Davis hates Black People? What?

Okay, that's just about all of that I can stand. Wait, Florida grows by 1200 people EVERY DAY? Seriously -- that is a damn lot of people. Yeah, yeah - this is a glorious place to be. Heck, it doesn't have income tax. I love that.

Aiight, I'm done. They're both goobers.