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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

As it gets closer, it gets tighter.

Published by cck at 2:09 PM

The election went from Republicans having a double digit lead to a statistical dead heat in Florida. I'm headed over to vote tomorrow. I'm voting early, not only because I can, but because then I can have longer to wonder if I did the right thing.

I have never in my life voted for a Republican. Because of that, I have rarely voted for a public official who is actually in office. My intention, nonetheless, is not to start voting for Republicans. As November 7th looms before me, I wonder how smart of a policy that is. For the first time in my life, part of my life is dependent on how well the Republicans do this cycle. Since I am no longer alone, no longer responsible for just me - I have to weigh the options that are in front of me. Hmpf. I'm sure some of you (read: the folks who still visit from the SCDP) saw it as a matter of time. Hah. Chrissy was such a Democrat until... She was easily swayed, easily turned, easily manipulated.

There was a time, my senior year of college to be specific, when I took some time off from politics. For so long, the thought of red vs. blue consumed me. It wasn't healthy - I needed some perspective. The thing is, I keep coming back to my truth -- politics is really that important. It's big picture stuff. Does it matter if the House turns blue or if the Republicans keep the Senate? Not really.

What matters is whether or not this nation manages to come up with a policy to either remove our soldiers from a dangerous no-win situation (my personal choice) or enable them to do their job and outfit them while they do it.

It does matter whether we protect the ideal of social security - it does matter if prescription drug prices come down - it does matter if we find a way to ensure the health of our nation - it does matter if roads get repaved and if teachers get raises and if Johnny gets adopted or put in foster care... It all matters - the day to day to day to day stuff of America does matter. Like it or not the men and women we elect are the ones that manage that stuff.

I used to think that those men and women were so special, more special than other folks. They are special -- special in the way that they are taking on a great responsibility. They're taking on the responsibility of us. The good ones know the power and responsibility they are molding. The good ones know that our given trust in their ability to make decisions and see the big picture is often overwhelming, but they pursue the solutions that help our nation continue on the day to day to day to day stuff. The good ones are both Democrats and Republicans.

So, am I going to vote for Charlie Crist? I have a man who sleeps next to me every night that would very much like for that to be the case. Am I going to vote for Jim Davis? I am going to vote for Skip Campbell and Alex Sink and Bill Nelson. But, I'll be real honest, the big one's still up for grabs.