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Monday, October 16, 2006

Perpetuation of the Species.

Published by cck at 6:03 PM

I'm getting married.
As if you couldn't figure that one out. I'm trying so hard not to get wrapped up in the details; I'm trying so hard to remember that admist all the administrative details there is something huge going on. I am joining with a man, come what may - for better or for worse - in times of want and in plenty -- I am planning the very ritual that will unite us as a unit.

This weekend, the two of us traveled up to Savannah to meet his aunt and his grandparents (they were visiting from Connecticut). I am often overwhelmed by the reality that I am going to be married. I kept my eyes open - looking around the room while we had cocktails. My fiance's grandparents drink Manhattens. And I looked around the table when we went to dinner - overlooking a gorgeous marsh and an even prettier sunset. And I looked around and saw what made my fiance.

I've always been a mushy girl - sappy, even. So, as I looked at the generations that surrounded me, I saw set of grandparents who raised a daughter in Stamford, who married a man from New Jersey after falling in love with him at Emory. And those two brilliant people raised a son outside of Tampa. That man chose me to help him make another generation. It's amazing how it keeps going.

I'm not planning on having children for a while, but I know that when I do - the family I am going to marry into will supply a rich and vibrant history for their education.

My God, I am blessed.